Toyota Prius recognised in “Car of the Future” award by Germany’s ADAC

The Toyota Prius yesterday picked up the second place trophy as the “Car of the Future” in the 2012 ADAC Golden Angel Awards. This follows last year’s first place award win for the Toyota Auris Hybrid in the same category, further cementing Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive as the technology for the future.

Nominees for the annual Golden Angel Awards – held by the ADAC, Germany’s largest automobile club – are all passenger cars available in the Germany market today. The awards winners are chosen by ADAC experts based on the vehicle’s environmental impact, safety, practicality and cost (both list price and cost of ownership).

This year’s Golden Angel Award for the Prius is particularly notable as, after 15 years since Toyota introduced the world’s first mass produced full hybrid vehicle, and now in its third generation, industry experts continues to hold the vehicle and Toyota’s hybrid technology in high regard.

The New Prius, available in the first quarter of 2012, remains the model with the lowest CO2 emissions in its segment coming in at just 89 g/km of CO2 while also continuing to be fuel efficient with an economy rate of 3.9 l/100km.


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